May 2012

Business Benefits of Website Copying

May 18, 2012 Blog | 0 comments

Cloning or website copying is an easy and fast option of developing and further enhancing your existing website. If you are in a fast paced and ever changing business, you will find that sometimes you need to add new stuff in your website to attract more customers and to give existing ones more information regarding a certain product. It is also possible that you are selling the same product or services as another company whose website material is great and relevant to your business. The cloning or copying of a website can also be done if you want to create a new website from your old one due because you want to change your web-hosting provider you want to do it fast.

The ease of website copying has been enhanced by the availably of software and applications. By using this, you will find that the time and effort involved in creating a literally brand new website is overshadowed. Once you create the website, you will have the task of promoting it such that your customers will not get confused as to whether you are the same distributor of certain products or you have closed shop. It is also up to you to change the look of the new website such that you make distinctions between your site and the site that you have cloned from. This will demand that you use a different domain name for your new website, you choose and change the color and graphics outlook of the site, and then you can launch the website with its new and enhanced content.

There are numerous programs and software that you can use in website copying. Some of these  include Sitesucker which is a program that is used to download not just a single web page but the whole site in its entirety. With this software, all you have to do is enter the URL of the website that you want to copy and on a click of a button, the website is downloaded and ready to be cloned onto your own. If you want to clone just a specific site or sites that are related to the source site then you can use the Surf Offline Browser that requires you to indicate the pages that you want and the specific content that you would like cloned. Grab a Site program is most efficient if you want to copy website information from different sites onto your own site. It lets you filter out the information that you need and those that are not relevant to your site.

Through website copying, you are able to transfer information from one site to a remote site, but you must have permission to create, delete, and write material onto the remote site. An alternative to using website copying software, it is also possible to copy files individually or as a whole manually using the Copy Website Tools that are available in the website hosting provider accessories. These are step-by-step guidelines that will certainly take you a long time and might inconvenience you, and you are trying to change your site to attract new customers for your services and products.

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