Nov 2012

Cloning A HTML Website To WordPress

November 6, 2012 Blog | 0 comments

website cloning. Using HTML websites has its ups and downs and people will opt to clone a website to other format for different reasons. Those who are new to the world of website design experience a lot of hardships and some give up and call it quits. Website copying is also another similar of HTML conversion to wordpress. WordPress offers easy content management and those who are in the business of providing articles and content are advised to use it. In addition to this, wordpress enables your site attain efficient, organic and better SEO results.

HTML website cloning to wordpress is not a difficult task per se but one should consider expert advice from other sources as well. One of the best ways performing this cloning is by hiring a website developer. Website design entails many processes ranging from website development to web hosting. The developers usually change the .htaccess file extension of your HTML site. They charge on hourly basis which are very expensive. Since the only aim is to convert the HTML to wordpress, they do not offer other auxiliary services. However, errors like the 404 error are bound to occur so one should be extra careful when cloning their sites.

Seeking and consulting website cloning tutorials is another way to go. These tutorials are available from many sources over the internet. There are simple and easy to understand steps which are provided when it comes to website cloning. The step by step tutorials are a bit time consuming but once you fully understand them it becomes a walk in the park. It is also advantageous and cheap to obtain as compared to hiring the website developers. Since these tutorials give you first hand experience and increase your knowledge, it can be used whenever it is required.

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