Oct 2016

Cloning of a Website – Now a reality!

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Two is always better than one, isn’t it? That is exactly where the concept of cloning came in. It duplicates things to make it double, triple or even more!

There are so many Website cloning companies which have come up and are well known for this business. It is fast, exciting, easy and really makes cloning websites a reality!

Apart from just duplicating, they also offer various more subjects and services which are potentially useful and necessary for its clients. This blog basically highlights the main features on Website Cloning and how is it done. The concept is no doubt very simple and interesting to know more about.

Firstly let us get to know what is Website Cloning? It is basically a process of using the scripts and formats of an existing website to create a complete fresh and new website. It thoroughly eliminates the need to write programming scripts from the scratch and saves hell lot of time, thereby being much more efficient.

Now if we talk in terms of the market and the demand it holds for Cloning website companies, it is actually HUGE! This is because of numerous reasons, the most important ones being low cost website development, faster and efficient as compared to getting a completely new website designed, more likely to be successful since the scripts are copied from potentially prominent websites which already exists on the internet and many more such advantages.

Now considering the ways in which Cloning can be done, there are two:

Cloning of Script

This involves the concept of copying script of an existing website which has already been running on the internet. Although we are using the word “copying”, but actually there are various alterations, modifications and amendments made on it so that it can look fresh and new than the one from which the script has been copied. Again there are numerous functions it offers like Search options, Checkout functions, Product orders, Navigation etc…

Cloning of Design

If a developer makes a replicate of a Web page, he also has tools to make changes in its layout, design, and graphics so that he can create a completely new website. The information contained can very well be replaced, rearranged or changed as per clients requirements or can also be borrowed from the existing website from which it is being cloned. So in this way, the web pages may look identical, but the content and matter would certainly differ according to what that website has to offer for its visitors.

Thus, this concept of duplicating and cloning has been around for quite some time now and has been well accepted for its features. And most of the service providers also offer quality service at very nominal and aggressively competitive market rates. In a nutshell, Web Designing and Custom Programming are the need for the hour as it is gradually eliminating designing of websites from scratch and instead working and building on scripted ideas already present on the internet.

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