Dec 2014

Common Errors to Avoid While Cloning a Website

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Website cloning is a process of copying or modifying an existing website design or script to create a new website for your business or blogs. Here the design of the website is copied to create the new one. This is very useful but there are some common mistakes done while cloning a website. Here are some of the common mistakes made in the process of cloning

Copying the content of the website; Sometimes, when cloning a website, we find that the content copied from another website. This is bad for search engine rankings as duplicate content is penalized. The content that is irrelevant to the services and products offered by the website will confuse the visitors and such visitors will never visit the site for the second time. Non-original content on your site can penalize the overall ranking of your site in search engines. So having unique content representing your business on the web is very essential.

At this point, it is important to state that creating a reputable website clone also requires that you use simple content. In this regard, you should avoid using complex words which can’t be understand by your customers. It is advisable to use the content that is easy to grasp and understand.  Besides this, it is important to ensure that the keywords are placed strategically when the website cloning is being carried out.

Using the wrong website- Before you choose a website to use for website cloning, make sure it is a successful website. Go through several websites to get the ones that are most effective. It is not necessary to copy a website exactly; you can be creative and add a few things of your own to create a successful website. Make sure to update the website often to make it competing with the market. This will draw more traffic to your site and hence increases sales and profits.

Another important factor to be considered after creating the website clone is the marketing strategy used. In most cases, though after cloning a high performing website, a website clone script might fail to deliver the required results due to the failure to implement marketing strategy. It is therefore important to place all the right measures at right place to ensure that you get the visibility that is required.

When creating a website copy, the essential factor to consider is whether your customers will find it resourceful. That said, people overlook several things and hence, end up with a website clone that does not meet their requirements. Put in simple terms; carefully choose the words you are going to use to make sure your customers visit the website very often. It is important to carry our intense research to find a good company that offers website cloning services. Choose a company that offers high quality services at low rates and has capability to clone a website with proper relevant content. Hiring professional website cloners ensures that your site’s impression reflects the quality of services or products that your business provides. What makes a website engaging and memorable can largely be attributed to the voice that comes through your sites content.

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