Nov 2012

Common Mistakes People Make When Creating a Clone of a Website

November 20, 2012 Blog | 0 comments

When you want to clone a website, it is always important to be very careful so that you will not fall victims to some of the mistakes commonly made by people and which impact negatively to the final product that you create. The exercise of website cloning should be guided by principles which if broken, will spell trouble for whoever is involved in it.

One of the most obvious mistakes that many people commit when creating a website clone is duplicating everything as it is. This is a dangerous trend that could land you in serious legal troubles involving the owners of the original website design which you cloned. And besides, your website will not be appealing to your users if they find out that it is an exact copy of someone else’s product. Many people would want to see your own twist incorporated in the new product otherwise they will dismiss you as a copycat.

Poor research and inadequate knowledge is the other mistake that is commonly made when creating a website copy. Many people would want to clone an already existing website presumably doing well without going an extra mile to know certain things about it. Because of this, even though the clones look exactly like the original, they end up not being successful. Website Copying requires that you know the website development facts behind that particular website that you want to clone.

Inadequate marketing for a clone website is the other mistake that usually leads to a dismals performance by the created copy. It is wrong to sit back and imagine that because you have copied a popular and well ranking website, it will perform just as the original one did. Without proper marketing to find traffic to it, your cloned website will be doomed.

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