May 2016

Groups of Websites as per Industries which You can Consider to Clone

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Are you planning to make your own dynamic business website? Have you considered getting a famous website cloned and customizing it as per your needs? If not, then you can now and cloning websites has its own set of advantages. Most website cloning services providing companies would place an option in front of you, whether you want to clone the leading social media websites or the famous social bookmarking websites, etc. However the choice is completely yours. Here is a list of groups of website types you can choose from.

Social Media Websites

Websites like Facebook and Twitter have created ripples in the virtual world and earning huge sums of money daily. You can think about cloning the same format they use to make the website look appealing and be extremely user friendly. The fonts, color patterns and placement of advertisement slots can be exactly same for your website and it would customize just as per your needs.

Online Shopping Websites

If you are planning to start an online business website, you can opt for cloning the most famous online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipcart. These websites would give you the perfect setting for your online business and you would not have to waste time and money getting a fresh one designed as per your requirements. Ask your programmer company to clone the scripts of one of these online shopping websites.

Job Portal Websites

You can think about cloning a job portal website and get the exact same visitors as they are getting due to their solid website design. You can clone their formats and customize them as per your products and services and hence draw attention from more and more audience. Your visitors would turn into prospective customers once they see how well your website works.

Search Engines

Some people would even want to clone the famous search engines like Google and Bing. This would give them the power to help people more and more and give information that visitors need just like Google does.  However cloning search engines is not easy and should be avoided.

Always keep in mind that whatever website category you wish to chose to get a website for you to clone, the customers’ expectations should be noted. The website you make should be user friendly and should have your own personal element to it to make it more like a unique website rather than a cloned one. This can be done with the help of skilled professional and people who know the cloning strategies well.

Companies like https://www.rabbitclone.com know exactly how a website and which website has to be cloned to give the maximum outputs to the client. They know best how to design and customize the cloned website to make it into a unique one and which would generate maximum revenue for you. They have a team of experts who know their work very well and have a strong experience in doing so.

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