Aug 2014

How to Clone a Website?

August 21, 2014 Blog | 0 comments

Website cloning is the modification or copying of a site script or design to come up with a new site altogether. Cloning enables designers to make new sites without having to make new scripts from square zero. Cloning services are given as a way of getting website development services at lower costs. Website owners can choose a number of already existing sites and select the some elements and details from the sites that are to be included in own new site.

Website cloning can be used to reduce or eliminate design layout and scripting tasks. By simply copying and modifying a script from an already existing site, a website developer can make the script to function for a new site. Site scripts are responsible for controlling website product order, search features, website navigation and checkout functionality among other purposes. Similarly, by simply copying and modifying an already existing web page, one is able to come up with a different web page that can be used on a new site. Web designers can change the graphics and information from a site to create such for a new site.  A new site can have a similar appearance with an already existing one but the different information and graphic will distinguish the two sites.

Having said so, let’s now look at how to avoid common website cloning mistakes. Although script copying and modification is one of the cloning procedures, one should be careful on the type of script content that is copied and modified. Content is what makes a site and therefore creating relevant content is very useful.  There are occasions whereby sites have content that is not relevant to what the site offers. Having irrelevant content can be very costly as many users will not find the site interesting. Again, ensure that the site you choose for cloning is successful.  Getting the most effective sites for cloning is a better way to get good content, layout and design that may be helpful to your site.

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