Apr 2014

My Hat in My Hands

April 28, 2014 The Thin Ice | 0 comments

On Monday I ran a post about how mercy should trump judgment when it comes to addicts and alcoholics.Naturally, that same afternoon, I found myself sitting in judgment of a good friend, relishing unkind thoughts about how she’s handling a situation that’s none of my business.
Oh the irony! But the sad truth is, I do this all the time. I’m not sure a day goes by when I don’t indict someone for what seems to me like a poor choice, a backward belief, or a self-created crisis.

Have I always been so arrogant, petty, and heartless? I’m afraid so. But hopefully what has changed is my willingness to admit it. Typically, when I catch myself in the act of judging someone, my first temptation is to scold myself: Who do you think you are?! How dare you judge her! Shame on you!
But you know what? That doesn’t really help, because my ego is never going to feel sorry or try to reform. It just snickers at me and then stores away the negative energy for later use. And guess what? The only thing my ego enjoys more than bashing others is bashing me.
The good news in all of this is we are not our egos, and we are also not our thoughts. I’m convinced our true self is made in God’s image, can’t be diminished by anything we do or say, and only knows how to love.

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