Aug 2016

Tips to Improve Your Website’s Sales Figures

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Selling products online is beneficial for both, manufacturers and customers. Manufacturers can offer huge discounts while selling online as they don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in renting shopping centers and stores. The cost of products is less on online shopping portals as various middle men, distributors are eliminated, and goods are directly sent to the customer’s home from manufacturers’ warehouse.

Thanks to increasing online shopping trend, these days website is considered as one of the most important assets for any organization. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which can influence online sales.


Taking advantage of social networking sites

Social networking sites like Twitter, Google plus and Facebook can drive considerable amount of traffic to your website. These social networking sites offer free pages to companies and business houses. All that you need to do is open your company’s page and keep on updating it with links to your website and information about products which you sell on your website.


Website’s content and design plays an important role

What will be your reaction if you visit a website to buy something, and there is not enough product information about the product which you are planning to buy? You might change your shopping plan if you do not find enough information about the concerned product.

You should make sure that there is enough product description content for products which you are selling on your website. You should also try to put links for product description videos, user reviews and blog posts.

Website’s visitors will buy products only if they are convinced that your website and your products are genuine. You should also try to mention some information about your product’s history and some information about stores and shopping centers where it is available.


Contact details

Surveys suggest that people visit the website’s -contact details section, and the -about us section, before making any purchases on the website. It is very important to mention all the information about your company in the- about us section, and the contact details section. You should mention information like- your company’s corporate office address, telephone numbers, email ids for top executives, and telephone numbers for customer service team. This will assure the customer that he or she is purchasing items from the right website.


Opt for website cloning instead of taking risk with new designs

These days, more and more companies and business houses are opting for website cloning, as it allows web developers to create a new website by using design from any of the existing websites on the internet. Website cloning saves lot of time and money. It also offers user friendly experience to the website’s visitors.

There are several companies which offer website cloning service; however, it’s not an easy job. You should opt for a website designing company which is specialized in website cloning.  If you are looking for a professional and dedicated team of web designers to help you with your website cloning requirement, you should get in touch with Rabbit clone. You can visit their website for more information- https://www.rabbitclone.com/

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